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How to Solve my Wireless issue with my Netgear Router R7000?

Through this blog, we will assists you in troubleshooting wireless network problems with Netgear routers, wireless access points, wireless extenders, and wireless USB adapters. Whenever you connect your device with WiFi. Initially, if it asks for a password or passphrase just enter the correct password and check-mark the option of an auto-connect that helps your device to connect with WiFi whenever it comes in the range of WiFi. If you want to get to know the wireless password, enter “” and check out from wireless settings.

Issues with the wireless network:
  • If you unable to connect to wireless due to forgotten wireless password,
  • Failed to authenticate due to the wrong password,
  • It can't find or remember the wireless network name or SSID,
  • And can’t connect to my wireless network.
  • When it unable to connect wirelessly after changing the wireless password.

If you Unable to connect to wireless due to forgotten wireless password:
To see your WiFi password or network name (SSID) by login:

1.     Launch the browser and type “ into the web address bar.
2.     You need to put the details for logins like username and password when prompted.
Use the default username is admin and the default password is password.
3.     Click OK.
The BASIC Home page displays.
4.     After that select Wireless.
5.     Here you can see the network name in the Name (SSID) field.
6.     And your new password in the Password (Network Key) fields.
7.     By using this password, you can connect your device with WiFi.

Failed to authenticate due to the wrong password:

1.     If you enter the wrong password for your wireless network. In that case, you can log in into your router page.
2.     Where you can get the correct password for your wireless network. Else,
3.     If you don’t know the login password, you can go for reset of R7000 router.
4.     It takes to the default settings and you can see the wireless password on your router.

It can't find or remember the wireless network name or SSID:

·       When you can’t find the wireless network name on your device. You can turn off / on the WiFi for your device (like Mobiles, Laptops, and computers).
·       After performing this task. Still, you can’t see the network name. Check the WiFi LED on your router.
·       Restart your router by removing the power cable from the wall jack
·       Whether it is on or not, if in case it is not on you can turn on wireless radio signal by pushing the wireless button on the router.
·       Still, you can’t find the network. You can go with the reset of R7000 by using a paper clip.

Can't connect to your wireless network:

·       If you can’t connect to your wireless network after typing the password.
·       Restart your Netgear R7000 and see the WiFi LED light is on.
·       Reboot your device by pressing on/off button from the router.
·       Update the wireless adapter in your computer with the latest version.
·       Change the wireless name and wireless password by login into your R7000 page and type “” or default IP address “”.

When it unable to connect wirelessly after changing the wireless password.
To remove the preferred networks on your Windows Vista Operating System:

1.Click the Windows Start button on your computer, then go to Network
2.Select the Network and Sharing Center
3.Where you can find the left pane, select Manage wireless networks
4.You need to select the networks that you want to remove.
5.Now, go back to Network and Sharing Center and on the left side, go to Connect to a network. It will display all available wireless networks nearby.
6.Connect to your network name and put the new wireless password, if any.
7.Once connected, click on save this network and make sure Start this connection automatically.
8.You need to select a location for your wireless network as a Home Network.
9. After the wireless connection, Checkout you can access the Internet.

To remove the preferred networks on your Windows XP Operating System:

1.Click on the Windows Start button then go to Control Panel.
2.Double click Network Connections icon.
3.On your computer right click the Wireless network connection icon and select Properties.
4.Click Wireless Networks tab.
5.Under Preferred networks box, select the wireless networks that you want to remove.
6.Click OK.
7.Go back to Network connection window.
8.You need to right click on the Wireless network connection and select to View available wireless networks.
9.Select the wireless network that you want to connect to and enter the wireless password, if any.
10. Check the wireless connection if it can access the Internet.

If the router has been connected to the web and worked within the past, ensure the signal from your web service supplier (ISP) isn't the matter.

  1. Turn off the wireless operate from your R7000 associated directly connect your computer to the router with a coax cable.
  2. Reboot the pc and check for a web affiliation.
  3. If there's still no web affiliation on your pc, boot the router and take away the battery of electronic equipment, if it accessible.
  4. You can simply repeat this state of affairs along with your pc directly connected to the electronic equipment rather than the router.
  5. If you're still not obtaining a web affiliation. Therein case contact your web service supplier.

To find and select the WiFi network:

  1. Make sure that the router has power on which means Power LED is lit up.
  2. On your desktop or wireless device, you just find and select the WiFi network.
    The WiFi network name is available on the router.
  3. Join the WiFi network by entering the WiFi password.
    The password is also available on the router label.
    In last, your wireless device connects to the WiFi network.

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